Karate Kamp 2013 Reflection By Celine and Renata

Upon arrival, everyone settles into their cabins and went straight to the first vigorous training session of the camp. Many more such sessions followed, each focusing on various practices of karate such as kata, basics, partner works, and more. Partway through each session, us youth were taken aside from the adults for competition training, which helped strengthen our techniques. 
Each day was started off with a gruelling 3 kilometre run at 6:00 in the morning. While these runs were tiring, they allowed us to take in the beautiful scenery far away from the hectic city life we're used to.
On the last night, we enjoyed an evening full of friendly competitions, followed by an opportunity for everyone to show off their musical talents.
The meals were all well prepared, and offered great relief to our unbelievable hunger, after such demanding training.
On our last day, we sadly packed our bags, reluctant to leave all this great camp had to offer.
This experience greatly enhanced our karate technique and we'll be sure to come back next year!
We wish to dedicate an enormous thank-you to Sensei Alex, as well as all of the Sempai's who helped organize such an amazing session of Karate Kamp.


Pictures from the camp can viewed on our flickr page