Grand Prix #1 Tournament 2013 Results

Sunday we kicked off the tournament season with a bang.  Our competitors have been working very hard and their efforts paid off in spades.  Please make sure you congratulate our competitors and thank them for representing us so well.  Here is how they did:
Malcolm: Gold kumite
Katrina: Gold kumite
Dara: Bronze Kumite
Eugene: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite
Alexy: Gold kata, Gold kumite
Derek: Gold kata, Gold kumite
Devlin: Silver kata, Silver kumite
Chelsea: Silver kata, Gold kumite
Patrica: Bronze kata, Silver kumite
Mahoor: Gold kata, Bronze kumite
Mahdi: Silver Kumite Samin (-53 kg):
Bronze kata, Gold elite 16-17 +59 kg kumite, Gold elite 18-20 +60 kg, Gold open weight
Charlote: Bronze kata
Celine and Renate had their first tournament and left it all on the matts.
We are very proud of all of the competitors. Thanks to all those who came out to suport the club.
A special thanks to Sempai Nik, our main coach, who has worked tiredlessly to prepared all of the competitors for the first grand prix competition of 2013. 
Update: Pictures from the competition are up on our flickr account.