Upcoming Events: January 2009

January 10th 2009: Class Cancelation
Classes are cancelled today to allow for registrations of new students. If you would like to register your child(ren) in the Karate program please see an instructor at the membership desk from 1:15-3:30.
January 17th 2009: Kigami Biraki (New Years Training)  The Karate Children’s program will be running a Kigami Biraki/New Years training day for the children’s program for the first time this year.  Kagami Biraki training literally means, “to open the mirror”. It is also called "Kagami Wari" meaning "break mirror". The mirror represents the soul or conscience. This heavy and crueling training is seen as a way to clarify your thoughts and strengthen your dedication in the coming year. All students are invited to join us from 1:15 till 3:30 in the gym for an intensive class.