Adults Program

  • Shiomitsu Sensei Clinic


    Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi of Wado-Ryu Academy will be conducting his bi-annual clinic at the C.W.K.F's main dojo at the North York YMCA in early August 2007.  If you have not picked up your forms, please see Sempai Mike K.  All CWKF students are encouraged and welcomed to this event.  Please email us for further information.

  • Canadian Black Belt National Karate Championships


    This year three members of our club competed at the 2007 NKA Karate Championships.  Niloofar Dehghan and Ali Mirkarimi competed in Kumie while Sanaz Amirpour competed in Kata.


    Sensei Alex Waith as always was present as member of the NKA technical committee.  Sensei Waith also held a brief kata clinic for all referees demonstrating applications of Chinto Kata.

  • Children's Tournament


    On Saturday March 31st, 2007, the Kids' Karate Class held its first ever annual Strong Kids Karate Tournament.  This event was an amazing tournament and the Karate Class was successful in raising over $5000 for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. Congratulations to all who attended and a special thanks to the parent volunteers, organizers and referees. 

  • Test new Events

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  • Adults Karate Test Event

    This is an adults Karate Test Event.

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