Adults Program

  • Grand Prix #2 Tournament 2013 Results

    We had a large group of competitors representing our club at the second grand prix tournament. Everyone did very well and we are very proud of their results. 


    Celine - gold medal team kata

    Katrina - gold medal team kata

    Renate - gold medal team kata, bronze individual kata, silver kumite

    Malcolm - bronze individual kata

    Alexy - silver individual kata, silver kumite

    Patricia - gold individual kata, gold kumite

    Charlote - gold individual kata, gold kumite

    Devlin - gold individual kata, bronze elite men's black belt kumite -75kg

    Tahjmoore - It was his first competition and he did extremely well. 


    Thanks as always to Nikolaus, our head competitors' coach, Mike who helped video tape the fights and katas, and all the parents for showing your support. 

  • Upcoming Events: October 2013

    Women's Self Defence Class: October 10th 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm
    For more information please see below
    Beginner's Class: October 17th 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm
    Our beginner's introductory class will be held October 17th in the Gymnaisum during regular Adult class hours of 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm. Wear something comfortable, no jewlery or shoes. 
    Grading: October 22 - 26th
    The schedule for the grading is as follows:
    October 22,  Kyu’s 9-5 grading to begin at 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
    October 24, Kyu’s 3-2 grading to begin at 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm
    October 26, 1st Dan, grading to begin at 2:30 - 5:30 pm
    Forms can be downloaded from the Grading Forms link

  • Women's Self Defence Class

    The karate club will be hosting the next Women's Self Defence Class on Thursday, Oct 10th in the Gymnasium at 7:45pm - 9:30pm. No registration required. 

  • No Karate Classes Tonight (August 27th)

    Hi All, there is a full facility closure due to a water shortage. The YMCA will be closed until tomorrow morning. There will be no Karate Classes tonight. Classes will resume on Thursday

  • Adult BBQ: September 7th at 2:30

    Update: The BBQ will still take place (in doors), despite the rain. Please check your inbox for directions. 
    The end of summer Adult BBQ will be held on September 7th at 2:30. The event will still take place at Sempai Ian's (Speak to a black belt student for address and directions).


    The cost is 
    $5.00 per person or
    $10.00 per family.


    Please no alcohol.


  • The Canadian Wado Ryu Journal

    The 1990s Canadian Wado Journal 4 Issue Collection has been posted online. It's a collector's item with many great articles and interviews from top Wado Ryu Karate Instructors including: Senseis Shiomitsu, Waith, Iwasaki and Grandmaster Otsuka II.

  • Toronto Open June 9th

    The Toronto Open happened on June 9th 2013 at the Elgin Borrow's Arena. Individuals across North America attended the event. We had five students represent our club at the competition. All of them did very well.
    Devlin, Silver Kata, Gold Kumite
    Charlotte, Bronze Kata, Gold Kumite
    Gladwyn, Bronze Kata, Gold Kumite
    Malcoml, Bronze Kumite
    Celine fought against a national level champion during her first fight and was very close to beating her. 

    Congrats team! Please visit the flickr page for pictures of the event

  • Karate Kamp 2013 Reflection By Celine and Renata

    Upon arrival, everyone settles into their cabins and went straight to the first vigorous training session of the camp. Many more such sessions followed, each focusing on various practices of karate such as kata, basics, partner works, and more. Partway through each session, us youth were taken aside from the adults for competition training, which helped strengthen our techniques. 
    Each day was started off with a gruelling 3 kilometre run at 6:00 in the morning. While these runs were tiring, they allowed us to take in the beautiful scenery far away from the hectic city life we're used to.
    On the last night, we enjoyed an evening full of friendly competitions, followed by an opportunity for everyone to show off their musical talents.
    The meals were all well prepared, and offered great relief to our unbelievable hunger, after such demanding training.
    On our last day, we sadly packed our bags, reluctant to leave all this great camp had to offer.
    This experience greatly enhanced our karate technique and we'll be sure to come back next year!
    We wish to dedicate an enormous thank-you to Sensei Alex, as well as all of the Sempai's who helped organize such an amazing session of Karate Kamp.


    Pictures from the camp can viewed on our flickr page


  • May 2013 Newsletter

    We have an amazing group of fresh articles and reviews for your enjoyment. Our new Questions for Sensei series continues as well as a great competition report and wonderful interview with Nik Wolter. We also have the return of our informative Health Kicks series and much, much more. Enjoy and keep trianing hard. Download the newsletter here.


  • Grand Prix #1 Tournament 2013 Results

    Sunday we kicked off the tournament season with a bang.  Our competitors have been working very hard and their efforts paid off in spades.  Please make sure you congratulate our competitors and thank them for representing us so well.  Here is how they did:
    Malcolm: Gold kumite
    Katrina: Gold kumite
    Dara: Bronze Kumite
    Eugene: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite
    Alexy: Gold kata, Gold kumite
    Derek: Gold kata, Gold kumite
    Devlin: Silver kata, Silver kumite
    Chelsea: Silver kata, Gold kumite
    Patrica: Bronze kata, Silver kumite
    Mahoor: Gold kata, Bronze kumite
    Mahdi: Silver Kumite Samin (-53 kg):
    Bronze kata, Gold elite 16-17 +59 kg kumite, Gold elite 18-20 +60 kg, Gold open weight
    Charlote: Bronze kata
    Celine and Renate had their first tournament and left it all on the matts.
    We are very proud of all of the competitors. Thanks to all those who came out to suport the club.
    A special thanks to Sempai Nik, our main coach, who has worked tiredlessly to prepared all of the competitors for the first grand prix competition of 2013. 
    Update: Pictures from the competition are up on our flickr account.